Do you want to paint more vibrantly colored acrylic floral paintings? Do you want to paint more expressively and easily create stunning compositions? Here you will learn step by step how to prepare your canvas, how to paint in layers of translucent to opaque hues, and how to create more dynamic brushstrokes to achieve beautiful works of art. Let's get started!

"I love the explanations of why you paint specific areas! Great teaching. Pleasant voice and rhythm. I'm looking forward to more!"


Welcome to the Studio!

If you're a fan of bold, vibrant and expressive florals, then take an online class from artist and instructor, Debbie Hipp. She loves painting florals and sharing them with others. Her flower paintings have an impressionistic style where the element of color is the major focus. Painting with the vibrancy of acrylics is second to none because the medium allows the layers of translucent and opaque colors to create depth and light. Acrylics are so forgiving, easy to correct, easy to clean and most importantly, allow for expressive play.

Do you enjoy cultivating your own floral gardens on canvas too? Then let's get painting!